social media marketing


kantspelle marketing provides complete social media marketing solutions for small businesses, brands & start-ups.

Grow brand awareness & leads with engaging content, user engagement, community relations, social influence & content marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing Solutions:


Content Publishing

Daily social media posting, across social networks, platforms & devices.

Generate engaging content to promote brand awareness & lead-growth.

Brand Awareness

Build brand awareness through consistent online promotion, social reach & user engagement.

Grow business by reaching users across multiple platforms, channels & social networks.  

Content Marketing

Create engaging, unique & valuable content to share on social media, blogs, web pages, community boards & with social influencers across the web.

Design organic content that appeals to your target audience, current followers, potential market & new users.

Page Management

Manage multiple social media accounts & post daily content across social channels.

Stay connected with daily contact with followers, potential new leads & engaged users.

Social advertising

Custom design of targeted social media advertising campaigns, including graphic design, ad copywriting & market research.

Promote brand growth, drive traffic to the website & generate conversions with targeted social advertising campaigns.  

User Engagement

Connect with relevant users, social influencers, media contacts, journalists, popular bloggers & brands with authority.

Build organic relationships with social media followers & potential consumers through messaging, responding to feedback & guiding the conversation.

Current (& Previous) Social Media Accounts Managed by kantspelle marketing: