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kantspelle marketing offers turnkey digital marketing solutions to small businesses and brands. 

Digital marketing (also referred to as: online marketing, web marketing and internet marketing), involves using technology and online platforms to attract, engage and convert people into leads and customers. 

kantspelle digital marketing solutions

kantspelle marketing offers digital marketing services for small businesses, startups and brands, including:

Digital Marketing Services

kantspelle marketing provides turnkey digital marketing services to small business, brands & startups, incluindg full-service web marketing & online advertising.

Keyword Research

Build list of target keywords & phrases, based on goals, competition, audience & popularity.

Target keyword lists used for web copy, SEO, PPC advertising, copywriting and social media.

Online Advertising

Develop online advertising strategies to increase site traffic, lead generation & conversions.

Manage campaigns on Google AdWords, social media, Bing Ads, affiliates & digital media platforms.

Social Media

Manage social media pages, post engaging content regularly, grow followers & raise digital awareness.

Curate & share trending content, while managing social media advertising campaigns.

Digital Strategy

Develop marketing & advertising campaigns, based on market research, & competitive analysis,.

Perform keyword research to promote brand-building, digital marketing strategies. 

Web Design

Design web pages, landing pages, lead generation pages & blogs, using CMS platforms.,  

Optimize web content and build branded user experiences across websites .

Site Optimization

Perform SEO audits on websites, analyze keyword strategy, & update metadata.

Design web pages that promote organic search discovery, through White Hat ONLY.

Web CopyWriting

SEO web copy written for websites, web pages, landing pages, blogs & articles.

Copywriting for email, promotional material, digital media & social media. 

Digital Media

Creating, publishing & sharing engaging digital media online.

Digital media production includes: online videos, podcasts, ebooks & webinars.

Website Analytics

Analysis of website performance, engagement, demographics & KPIs.

Analytics reports include: site traffic, conversions, engagement & leads

Full Service Digital Marketing

Turnkey digital marketing solutions for small businesses & brands.

Offering a complete package of digital  marketing  & online advertising services.